Choose your path to financial security

Financial Check-up

Where are you today?

Have a couple nagging financial thoughts and just need to run them by someone?

  • Worried about the market?
    • Are there proactive measures you can take to avoid a 2008 debacle?
  • Should you take a lump sum on your pension?
  • Double up on mortgage payments?
  • Save for college or retirement?
  • What should you do with a bonus you unexpectedly received?
  • Just wondering about your overall retirement plan?
    • Are you going to be okay?
  • Should you get a trust?
  • Should you go with the Roth IRA/401k or the Traditional?

Don’t just let the internet answer these questions for you.  Get professional, unbiased advice!

We’ll discuss your concerns and I’ll give you my thoughts. Completely up to you to take action.  But at least you’ll have the knowledge of an independent analysis.

Don’t wait, get your questions answered now!

Simply connect with me here and provide some dates that work best for you so we can get started.


Proactive Planning

Where are you today?
Where do you want to be?
How are you going to get there?

Looking for an ongoing service where we proactively plan?

Give less to the IRS so you can keep more

Make sure you take advantage of all Social Security offers

Have a plan to enable you to retire debt free

Provide for your loved ones if something happens to you

Ensure you don’t have to go back to work after you retire

Avoid a 50% decline like what happened from Oct 2007 to March 2009

  • Ongoing retirement and tax planning analysis
  • Ongoing cash flow / budget planning analysis
  • Ongoing insurance and estate planning analysis
  • Ongoing investment review and recommendations
  • And much, much more

This is the service for you!

Plus unlimited access to me and the supporting technology you need to keep up to date.

The first step is always the hardest.  So don’t wait.  Let’s get started now!  Connect with me here and provide some dates that work best for you to talk or to meet in person in my office.

If after the first year you feel you’re on solid ground you can cancel the service at any time. Absolutely no obligation, no contracts, no credit card on file.

$1,500(Comprehensive plan + 6 month engagement)

$750 a quarter after – cancel any time