Podcast Episode 15 – Tom Jordan 20 Watt Tombstone


From the moment I first heard Black Sabbath’s “Master of Reality” when I was like 9 years old,I’ve always loved heavy music.

Which is why I could not stand what came out during the 1980’s. Probably the worst time in history for music.

But we survived. And, in fact, thrived because now the internet has opened a literal world of music for any taste. Anyone can start a band in any genre they choose and market it across the globe. If they do a good enough job in marketing their sound they’re sure to find a niche, no matter how small.

We are truly in the renaissance era of musical creation. From bluegrass to metal, everything one could possibly want to hear is literally at your fingertips, on your keyboard. It’s amazing.

So, how cool was it  to be reached out to via a heavy metal facebook group I’m part of by Tom Jordan. Tom is the guitarist and vocalist for a hard-rocking two-piece band 20 Watt Tombstone out of Wisconsin.

In this episode I interview Tom after 20 Watt returned from a couple weeks on the road. It was a lot of fun actually.  Tom is a good guy indeed.

We start out by talking about the need for diesel engine blocks to be kept warm in the cold Wisconsin winter by being plugged in. Now, I knew diesel engines don’t need a sparkplug for combustion but I did not know the reason for actually plugging it in during a cold night. Now I do! Interesting.

In this interview, you’ll also learn the history of the slide guitar sound which Tom says he uses almost exclusively.

You’ll also learn the logistics a professional musician must go through in order to set up shows across the country…and how they get paid.

Finally, you’ll learn why it’s SO important to be different when you’re marketing yourself.

20 Watt videos stand out because they are not typical of most hard rock/ metal bands.

So listen closely because you’ll learn more in this episode than any class you took in high school, I assure you.


Also, don’t hesitate to check out their tour schedule and if they’re in your town, I encourage you to check ’em out.  Just because they seem to be nice guys, doesn’t mean they can’t play hard music.

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