Always Be Home For Dinner – A Life Lesson

Just got back from basketball practice with one of my boys. Talking to another dad and he was telling me how his wife’s dad had a heart attack in his sleep and never came to.

Guy was all of 53 years old. The dad had driven them to the airport just a few hours before. . No issues. Nothing to be concerned with. And later than night died.

Why do I point this out? Because for ever Suze Orman story about grandma living to 96 and eating cat food there are MANY more like this. In fact, I bet you know someone, a loved one even, who died way too early, way before anyone expected.

Thus, the point of my channel. I want YOU to stop worrying so much. To learn to enjoy the little things you have right in front of you. Because that’s all that matters. There will never be a “number” to attain in order for you to feel financially secure and at peace.

Enjoy it while you can.

There was a guy named Ed S. from NYC I used to work with. He was an older guy around 72. Had a nice little portfolio, around $2mm and was doing fine financially. Over lunch one time in some fine Manhattan establishment, he told me he would give it all up to be able to go back and be with his wife and kids again.

He said because he worked so much to build a secure financial future, he was never at home and ultimately got divorced.

He said, “Josh, whatever you do. Always be home for dinner.”

I will never forget that. If my man, Ed S (and he’ll know who he is even though I haven’t spoken to him in years) ever reads this, please know sir, your words have always resonated with me. And I will do whatever I can to hopefully get them to resonate with others as well.

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