Been Pretty Quiet On the Hurricane Front for 15 Years

Hurricane are no joke. I won’t mince words here.  But while acknowledging that, can we also acknowledge that hurricanes are not on the rise as the dooms-dayers would tell us?

Look at this chart from the Census Bureau. Notice anything? In 2004-2005 there was huge hurricane devastation.  Then mostly quiet for the next 15 years.

Oh, I DO remember Sandy. I was in it. I also understand there were other hurricanes that caused death and destruction over this time too.  But the way the climate dooms-dayers would have us believe, these types of hurricanes are a common occurrence, attributable, of course, to your living a comfortable life consuming fossil fuels.  And that simply is not true.

Those who preach doom and gloom always, and everywhere, have an ulterior motive; For you to obey…them.

Don’t submit. Ever.

Coastline America[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

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