How to Maximize Death Benefits in Universal Life Insurance

In part two of our series examining the article from Rajiv Rebell at we’re going to talk about how to maximize your internal rate of return on your universal life insurance death benefit.

Remember, and I can not stress this enough, if you are considering a Universal Life Insurance policy (UL) you need to answer 1 question foremost, what are you trying to accomplish with the policy?

If the policy is intended to leave as much to your heirs with as little outflow as possible from you, that is a whole different discussion than trying to generate as much tax-free interest that YOU can access later.

These two things are basically mutually exclusive. If you shoot for A, B will suffer and vice versa.

Given that premise, in this video we’re going to use Rajiv’s illustration to show some counter-intuitive thinking about strategies you would want to incorporate to maximize your death benefit with the minimal amount of premiums paid.

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