Paula Bolyard Joins Me To Talk Christianity and a Bit of Politics too!

It breaks my heart that so many adults are convincing children that they’re going to die in a climate apocalypse. It’s no wonder why folks such as AOC say they’re not going to bring kids into the world because of this scare-mongering. Yet, scare-mongering is all it is. It’s not true. And the adults if they had any sense of dignity should be ashamed of themselves.

Unfortunately, when there is so much money at stake, shame takes a back-seat. It’s all about dollars, and how some people can get more and more.

Using kids, and animals, as propaganda is certainly not new behavior to those trying to frighten people. “What about the children” is the cry that is heard time and again when one engages in a behavior someone else doesn’t like. But the climate alarmists seem to have a lock on the technique. And seeing Greta Thunberg at the UN chastise us with her “How Dare You” speech saddened me deeply.

She is being used. Used as a tool by her parents. By the media. By the left. By wealthy corporate types. By Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leonard DiCaprio etc. By anyone and everyone who are trying to capitalize on the money that can be found in climate alarmism.

So, when I saw this video by Michelle Stirling, over at the Friends of Science Youtube channel,, it really spoke to me. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Greta!” says Michelle. You’re a teenager for Heaven’s sake!

I’ve been following Friends of Science for a bit now and greatly enjoy their content and Michelle’s delivery. If you’re of French language she does some of the videos in French too. Pretty cool.

It was a HUGE pleasure for me to interview her today. I think you’ll enjoy this discussion immensely. You’ll get mad too, don’t get me wrong. The greens have been taken over by fascists, no two ways around it. And when I say fascist I mean it in the true sense of the word, Big Government and Big Business colluding. I’m not sure about Big Labor, other than government unions, however being along for the ride.

It doesn’t matter though. The moneyed interested are keen on making more and advocating “green” living is the way they think they can do it, all at our expense, of course.

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