England Votes Today

England Leads, The U.S. Follows?

England Votes today in one of the most important elections in my lifetime for us here in the Good Ole U.S. of A.

The ability of the citizenry to determine its very fate is at stake. No two ways around it.  And a vote for the horrible person that is Jeremy Corbyn, by voting Labor, is a vote to stifle sovereignty.  Yes, Corbyn is insanely anti-Semitic. Yes, Corbyn is a rabid Socialist.   But as horrible as those things are, they are not even the worst of what a vote for his party would do, today.

Worst is that a Labor win would end Brexit.  Corbyn was initially mildly in favor of leaving the EU, back before the Remainers made you a Hitler for supporting Brexit. Yes, the irony that the supporters of the anti-Jew Corbyn are saying the Brexit voters are Nazi’s doesn’t escape me.  But when does consistency matter in politics?)

The facts are quite clear.  In 2016, David Cameron, the Prime Minister at the time, allowed a referendum for the UK to decide if it wanted to remain in the EU or not.  Cameron, as did ALL the elites, thought it would be a slam-dunk; That a vote in favor of Remain would seal the deal and end any talk of a Brexit forever.
Don’t forget, Cameron is a Tory. And thus, Corbyn, the Labor leader, inherently entertained taking a position opposite.

But politics is a funny thing. The Brexit vote wasn’t Left vs. Right. Not at all. Brexit was patriots vs. Internationalists. Globalists vs. Nationalists. Financial District vs. Main St.

The right historically has aligned with the financial interests of big business. The left the labor unions.  But a dramatic shift has happened over the last 30 years or so and now a true Uni-Party exists and where we are today is the Governed vs. the Governing.  And those who used to be aligned with the Governed, (the left), are now unequivocally aligned with the Governing elite.  Yes, Cameron was a Tory. Theresa May a Tory and even a number of Tories want to “Remain” but those numbers are dwindling as to be for freedom, independence and limited government means one has to in favor of Brexit.

The left, which always was in favor of top-down, command-and-control governing, aligns quite snugly with the Remain crowd and the EU. Took some time, but eventually voters who previously would be Labor are voting Leave and will probably find themselves aligning permanently with non-left parties, even if it’s not the Tories.

I have no idea what will happen in today’s vote. I am unequivocally pulling for the Tories and Boris Johnson with every inch of my body. And here’s why:

The U.S. and the U.K. have this nearly symbiotic relationship, even in recent decades.  Economic insanity dominated both countries in the 70’s.  Who did the Brits choose to solve their crisis in 1979? The Great Margaret Thatcher. Who did the U.S. choose to solve ITS crisis in 1980? Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Economic boom-times come, against all odds, and with the leadership of Pope John Paul II Communism, which none other than Paul Samuelson in 1989 declared victor, was shoved into the ash heap of history.  Reagan’s two-terms end and is succeeded by a life-long D.C. insider George H. W. Bush, a hero he was, but squishy as can be from a political perspective.  A few years later, the Tories replace Thatcher with a similar guy in John Major.

Neither Bush nor Major have any political staying power and are sent packing by the “Third Wave” in the form of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, who begin the left’s takeover of the governing class which remains to this day.

While Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair in the UK to remain Labor throughout the 2000’s, George W. Bush succeeded Clinton.  But with September 11, 2001 and the GWOT ensuing the Republicans lost any semblance of being the party of limited government.

Thus, for the last 20 years, both UK and US politics have been about which party will better lead a growing and ever more authoritative government.  It seemed inevitable actually that both Hillary Clinton and Remain would trounce the opposition in 2016 further cementing the ruling class.

Thankfully, the people spoke differently. People, who normally don’t vote, came out of the woodwork to express their dissatisfaction with the Globalist, governing authority.  The entire world was stunned.  These people, whoever they may be, nativist, xenophobes, white supremacist, whatever the governing authorities chose to label them as, were supposed to have been defeated permanently and a ruling class of well-educated, privileged elites would forever be in charge.

Even guys like Corbyn and our own Bernie Sanders, both are supposed to be labor-union loving Socialists, got in line support the globalists.  And, the irony of all ironies, it’s the RIGHT that said, “wait a second! We’ve ceded too much ground and we need to take some back!”

So, now we find ourselves today. Brexit all but ignored by the governing elites in the UK, other than to disparage those who supported it.  They did everything they possibly could to avoid the British people’s voice being heard. Today is the day for it to be heard, again. Once and for all.  You have sovereignty or you don’t.  There is no half-way.  If the vote goes for Labor, sovereignty in the UK is gone.

And that means something to us in America. As pointed out, we’ve followed a similar path to our brethren in the UK for the entirety of my life time. Not a perfect correlation, I grant you.  Cameron “won” in 2010 but barely, all the while Obama was President here. And Cameron didn’t get an actual Tory government until 2015 and thus the move to allow Brexit.

But for the last three years the Tories have been in control in the UK and the GOP here.

A Labor vote would certainly be a warning to us here in the US that a very left administration is not far off here too. Obama, for all his warts, was a globalist in the vein of Cameron, let’s be honest.  Yes, his cabinet was dominated by radical leftists, but Obama himself, I believe was more a pragmatist than those of us on the right give him credit for.

The left today though? Nope. From top to bottom they have gone the Jeremy Corbyn route; soft anti-Semitic with hard left economic dreams. Now, I don’t expect Trump to lose in 2020. I, frankly, don’t think it will be close.  But 2024 is not far off, and by then, it will be a whole different world, politically.

But, I could be wrong too. And if Trump loses..well, just look a the current crop of the Democrats. Leftism here we come!

I try not to left my politics dictate my investing decisions. But today may be one of those days where you have to look into the future and see how the UK vote spreads to the US and what that means for us as we build towards are retirement, or are in retirement.

The lessons of the 70’s would probably need to be heeded.  More on that to come, if the vote today goes Labor, which I sincerely hope does not happen.

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