Episode #108 – #109 The Sugar Conspiracy Article by Ian Leslie

You think science isn’t politicized? Think again, my friends.

In this episode I read from Ian Leslie’s amazing article from 2016 “The Sugar Conspiracy” and you will see the politicization of “science” firsthand.

Scary thing, though, is that science is supposed to be based on evidence. But what happens when evidence is not allowed into the public realm?

Well, at least in terms of the food we eat, people die! And thus the purveyors of falsities need to be held accountable for why they are not allowing the public to hear divergent points of view.

Well, we know why. Power, prestige and money. That three headed monster will make people do many bad things in order to solidify their positions. Which is exactly what happened for 50 years in the nutrition science world.

We see the same in other aspects of “science” too, mind you. And similar to nutrition science we see the same disgusting misogyny as well.

How dare a woman challenge the orthodoxy??? That woman “is an animal unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.” Said Dr. David Katz of Yale about a woman whose research challenged prevailing thought.

Why is she an “animal” of the kind he’s never seen before? He doesn’t say. She just is apparently. Nice.

But it’s not just nutrition ‘science’ that men are misogynistic towards women.

Climate ‘science’ is probably worse.
Here are some of Michael Mann’s acolytes saying very keen things of Judith Curry, the eminent scholar who challenges the idea of man-made global warming.

“Curry is as dishonest as they come. Shes an attention seeker, whoring her credentials for adulation from angry old white men.

Another Mann-boosting climate activist takes it a step further:

Curry, however, is a supposed scientist who has (perhaps) literally gotten into bed with slime like (Mark) Steyn.”

Who is Judith Curry, you might ask. Well she literally wrote the book “Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans”.

Yeah, slutting herself is something she probably didn’t need to do to advance her academic street-cred.

But orthodoxy is an ugly beast, especially for those who benefit greatly from it.

Thus the lesson to be learned, trust nothing, challenge everything with a skeptics eye, ask for proof. Your life literally depends on it.



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