Episode # 117- Interview with Carrie Meyer, PhD Economics About Early 20th Century Farming and more…


I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Carrie Meyer on the podcast today. Carrie was a professor of mine when I was at George Mason in the early to mid 1990s.

By the wonders of the interwebz we’ve been able to stay in touch over these 20 plus years.

She had written a most wonderful book called “Days On The Family Farm” which is a literal daily diary from lady who was keeping the books of her family farm in Rockford, IL.

The diary takes us back in time to the first time getting a tractor, a vehicle, a gas engine, through WW1 into the Depression, etc. A daily time stamp of happenings during that time. It’s amazing.

If you are into history, farming, energy use, economics, small business, you will love this book.

Here’s the link.

Secondly, Carrie had just written a book called “Letters from the Boys: Wisconsin World War I Soldiers Write Home” which sounds like a fascinating book but one I have yet to read. Oh, it’s certainly on my list!

You can find the link here.

In this podcast, Carrie tells us her story from being a farm girl to holding a PhD in Economics. Her time working for the Peace Corp in the Dominican Republic. Her interest in all things agriculture, gas engines, Latin America etc.

Such a great lady. Interesting as all get out. So, listen to the podcast and buy her books. You’ll be glad you did!

You can find more about Carrie on her website here.

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