Episode #118 – Taxpayers Behaving Badly – Hilarious!

One of the most important lessons my mom taught me was that most IRS agents are reasonable. Thus, if you’re in an audit, just do what they ask, don’t be stupid and they’ll be on their way soon enough.

Of course, my mom said, the best thing is to not get audited to begin with. Well how do you do that? Be reasonable on your tax returns.

For instance, don’t claim a charitable deduction on the clothes you bought GoodWill by the purchase price of these clothes when at the retail store!

Don’t try to write off as a business expense the times you took your kids to Disney.

That fishing rod you use to go fishing? Don’t write that off unless you are truly in the fishing business!

Pretty simple stuff, eh? But you’d be surprised how many people get wrapped up on “not paying anything more to the IRS!”

So, they’ll move mountains to write off every last penny. Why???

Say you end up paying a couple hundred extra in tax, is that really, REALLY, that big a deal?

I don’t see it.

Thus, when it comes to your taxes, be like my mom said, don’t be stupid.

Here’s the article from which I read about Taxpayers Behaving Badly.

Here’s the album from which the song at the end of the episode came.

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