Episode #52 – Interview About Financial Planning With Inga Chira, PhD, Professor & CFP

This is a very welcome interview for me in that Inga Chira is probably my twin when it comes to financial planning. Basically, my advice to clients for now on is simply to say “what she said” because she is so spot on.

She has a book out on Amazon for younger readers, say in their 20s titled Mastering Money: A Simple Guide to Achieving Financial Success. It came out in December 2017 and has 52 5-star reviews, ALL verified purchases too.

That means people who are actually parting with their cash are commenting that they got way more value from the book than the $ they paid for it. Can you find a better testimonial? Nope.

Inga is a native of Moldova but came to the US as a teen and never looked back. That’s Moldova’s loss but certainly our gain as Inga’s been kicking butts here in the US ever since.

A PhD in finance. Has her own financial planning firm. Is teaching college students as well and raising a young child with possibly another coming down the pike. I mean, talk about legacy planning. I love it and you will love the interview too.

Get the book here.  Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Find Inga’s website here.

You can find Inga’s LinkedIn profile here.

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