Even MORE Proof Retirement Spending Goes DOWN! (Part 1)

What’s the most important thing for your retirement???

Think about it, if you need. The #1 thing in your retirement is what? Did you say, Investment Portfolio? WRONG!!!

Social Security Income??? Wrong!!!

The number one thing for your retirement is your expenses, how much will it cost for you to live.? Why this is not the main focus for financial planners I simply can not say. However, once we get a gauge of the true expenses you will have we can do MUCH better planning. This older white paper shows, once again, that expenses actually DECREASE once retirement sets upon us. Counter to conventional wisdom I know. And even better, as some are wont to do, these expenditures decrease for nearly everyone, no matter their wealth or income levels. That changes everything, no? https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/204f/24a83f7942a78cf2ffe8d71790416bb95879.pdf

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