Everything You’ve Been Told About Retirement is Wrong!

Everything you have heard about retirement planning is WRONG!

This white paper from United Income, using data from CDC, BLS, University of Michigan, and many other areas, is a must read.

Retirees are living longer, are healthier and wealthier than ever before.

But here’s the critical thing is that retirees on average spend 2% less each year in retirement than the year before.

From the article: The average retiree cuts their spending by about 2 percent every year throughout their retirement. The biggest drop over time is spending on lifestyle expenses, like travel, apparel and entertainment; but, essential spending on transportation and housing falls too, as retirees pay off their mortgages and rely more on friends and family for getting around town as they age. Healthcare is one of the only expenses that tends to increase through retirement, although it tends to increase incrementally for nearly all retirees.

Now, what are we typically told? We aren’t’ saving enough. Why? Because we use retirement projections that assume spending is going to increase each and every year in retirement.

Yet, the numbers are becoming more and more clear that retirees actually REDUCE their spending!

If you are spending less each year than you were told, how would that change your current retirement planning?

Maybe you wouldn’t worry so much.

Now, here’s the problem. As people live longer in retirement, they are watching more and more TV. This is leading them to be more pessimistic about their current situation and the world they live in. TV, and news in general, is focused on sensationalism. “If it bleeds, it leads”.

This is not good. Cut the cord. Turn off the stupid box. And enjoy your health and wealth in retirement.


In the last episode we talked about how retirees today are wealthier and healthier but unfortunately those significant improvements is leading to bad behavior.

Retirees are watching HUGE amounts more TV than ever. And because TV is so sensationalized, read “if it bleeds it leads”, many retirees are being affected by their news consumption. They are not as happy, and are more worried about things out of their control AND which will not ever affect them.

It’s sad actually. The liklihood of you being shot in the streets is so remote it’s not even worth discussing. The same goes for being the victim of a terrorist attack.

Could these things happen? Of course, but to focus your energy on these most unlikely events is energy lost. Don’t do it!

In this episode, though, I focus on the amazing aspect of where people actually retire.

One would think most retirees are moving to warmer states with low crime and low taxes right?

Actually, that is not true. In fact, only 1% of retirees actually move INTER-state. If retirees move at all, it’s within the same county! Absolutely amazing when you think about it.

In fact, this goes even further to confirm this video I did about people being happier if they have a strong sense of community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVoDBGeAV2A&t=136s

Where are you going to have the strongest sense of community? Well, the community you’re in, now. Thus if you have roots laid down, you’re probably going to stay right where you are…taxes, weather, crime rates, are secondary considerations.

We’ve been told there is this mass exodus from cold, high tax states. The numbers simply don’t bear that

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