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Have a pension and IRA?
There is a Tax Bomb waiting and most people have no clue.
Retirement accounts cause huge tax increases, especially for a surviving spouse.
Oh, it’s not just income taxes. Medicare premiums, increased taxes on Social Security and dividend and capital gains too.
I model it all in my NEW book “The Tax Bomb In Your Retirement Accounts – And How The Roth IRA Can Help You Avoid It”.
Some of the chapters include:
1 – How To Avoid A 50% Tax On IRAs
2 – Don’t Get Sucked Into The Widow’s Tax Trap
3 – Pay 10% Now Or 35% Later?
4 -Do This And You Won’t Pay Tax On Your Social Security Benefits
5 – How One Widow Paid 250% More In Tax Than Another Widow, With the Same Income!
6 – The Easy Way To Avoid Paying Double, or More, On Your Medicare Premiums
7 – Tax Free Wealth For A “Non-Working” Spouse
8 – Social Security + Roth = A Retirement Plan Made In Heaven
9 – You Don’t Have To Pay Taxes On Dividends and Capital Gains
10 – No Tax = MORE GROWTH
11 – How To Leave a Large Tax-Free Inheritance Without Life Insurance
12 – What’s The NIIT? And Why You Need To Care
13 – How To Keep the Governor Out Of Your Pocket
14 – Why Even Jeff Bezos Should Do A Roth 401k
And so much more….
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