Harvest A Years Worth Of Your Own Food

It has Long Been a Pet Peeve of Mine…

Regarding retirement planning that we focus on what you can get BEFORE we focus on what you actually need.

Eager, Hopeful Retiree (EHR): “I really want to see if I am ready to retire.”
Typical Financial Advisor (TFA): “That’s great! I can help you!”

EHR: “Wonderful. I just want to make sure I don’t run out of money and have to rely on my kids.”
TFA: “Indeed. We can certainly prevent that from happening. How much do you have.”

EHR: “$500,000”
TFA: “Okay. with $500k you can take around $20k a year out of your portfolio.”

EHR(somewhat dissapointed): “That’s it? But what about Social Security.”
TFA: “Oh, we’ll definitely add Social Security in. How much will that be?”

EHR(feeling a bit better): “Oh, as a matter of fact, I was just online. It’s going to be $2k a month.”
TFA(Frowns slightly): “Sooooo….between your Social Security and your portfolio you’ll have around $45k to live on. What’s your income now?”

EHR: “I make around $80k a year.”
TFA (in a lower, empathetic voice): “oh man. Sorry, I just don’t see how we can make this work. Rule of thumb is you need 80% of your pre-retirement income. So, 80% of $80k is $64k a year. You’re short almost $20k a year…”

EHR(Utterly dejected now): “I guess I have to stay at work then, huh?”
TFA: “Yeah. I’m afraid so…. How are you on life insurance coverage by the way?”

Now, do you notice what was never discussed in this conversation??? The “advisor” never once asked the hopeful retiree how much he actually NEEDS to live on. Not one time!

Take that stupid 80% pre-retirement income number and toss it in the river is all I can say about that. It’s MEANINGLESS when it comes to YOU!!!

You need to know what it takes for YOU to live. Stop with the rules of thumb, already!

So, let’s start the calculation. How much does it cost??? Are there ways we can reduce those expenditures?

Start with this video about simply replacing your high watt light bulbs with LEDs. Then go here to see how you can save money by not using your oven.

Finally, I just posted THIS video today about learning how to grow your own crops and using a solar oven.

In this video, I provide links to buy a pre-made Solar Oven from Sunovens.com. Things aren’t necessarily cheap though. So you can always just build your own. Here’s a link for a great book on this: “Cooking With the Sun, How to Build and Use Solar Cookers.”

And here is the link for the lady who recently hosted a FREE webinar on how to grow your own food. I think you’ll find this of interest…especially if you’re trying to reduce expenses.

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