How To Retire on $139,600…or Less!

This might be one of the most exciting videos I’ve done to date. The reason for that is that I obliterate the doomsayers who say you need millions in order to retire.

I show you, point by point what that is just crazy talk and what the reality is.

In fact, in this episode I take Joe, a guy who has averaged $50k a year over his earnings career, indexed for inflation as the Social Security Administration does.

His wife, Jane, actually only worked around 20 years, having sacrificed her prime earnings years to stay home and raise the kids. But after the kids were in high school she went back to work making $40k a year.

Remember though she only has around 20 years or so of earnings that Social Security calculates for her benefits.

Yet, even then, I show you how they can retire at 66 with just $139,600 without even considering investment returns.

Finally, I show you how if they strategize a bit, and Jane continues to work for 2 more years after her Full Retirement Age, how they’d need only $69,000 in savings in order to retire comfortably.

This is not rocket science. And you don’t need to squirrel every penny you have into risky investments to make this happen, my friends.

But there are two things that must take precedence before you embark on your wonderful retirement.

1. You MUST know your income needs. What will it take for you to live on comfortably for an entire year?
2. Having no debt is simply the biggest win you can have as retirement approaches. No debt opens a lot of doors that are shut for folks who carry debt into retirement.

If you can follow those two things, you can retire without millions, in fact, without even hundreds of thousands.

Watch as I show you how this is done.


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