How to Travel Cheaply, World-Wide, in Retirement

Below I share an email I received from a Youtube Subscriber of mine who shared this amazing way to travel, internationally, on the cheap! If you’re thinking of traveling the world in retirement maybe this is a post for you.


“For retirees who have a lot of time on their hands, love to travel but are on a fixed income and trying to preserve their assets this site is AWESOME for flights.

Basically, if you are not in a rush, you can have the search engine find layovers for you on the way to your destination. It allows you to add nearly unlimited stops and will show you which of those interim stops will add to or subtract from your ticket price. You can also specify the number of days you want to stop and then it will give you a host of options. you can search for one-ways, R/T or around-the-world itineraries.

Here is a great example. We are going to be staying with friends in Calgary later this year. We can fly non-stop to London. Do 3 weeks of genealogy work on one side of my wife’s family, then two weeks in Sweden researching the other side of her family, and then end up visiting with a Finnish guy who used to work for me and his wonderful family.

All of that is $377 per person! It is a bit more work as you have to schedule thru three different airlines, but then, under $400? I’ll take it. Now we have not done round trip back to home because, well, who knows what the next steps will be.

When you combine this airfare tool with a lodging site like Airbnb, you can travel A LOT cheaper than one would normally. We have found and are budgeting no more than $30 per night for lodging thru sites like Airbnb. That is cheaper than staying at home. The places range from a private suite in a B and B to a full on apartment – all are clean and reputable.

Then, if travel health insurance is an issue, GeoBlue is very hard to beat. Low premiums, great network, no pre-existing condition exclusions in most of their plans, and far fewer exclusions than other well known travel health and evacuation insurance. Almost all the other carriers have exclusions that “if the condition or accident is deemed to be fully or partially due to the use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, coverage may be denied”. Now we are not drug users nor are we big party people; however, we have been known to throw a few back on occasion and, well, say no more- that exclusion is a non-starter.

If you want comprehensive insurance to include the US, then you are out of luck as it will be just as expensive as policies here (just shows you how crazy health care costs are here).

Example, My 30 y.o. daughter traveled for 3 months in SE Asia. The health insurance she had at the job she quit had a $184/mo premium with a $6,000 deductible!

The GeoBlue insurance she got for all 3 months was $176 total with a $0 deductible. She got sick twice during the trip – enough to have to go to a doctor. once and hospital a second time. Total price for a doctor’s visit and a one day hospitalization? $0.”

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