How To Use Income Annuities In Your Retirement Plan – Part 1

Income annuities can play a HUGE role in any successful retirement plan.

Unfortunately, many people overlook the benefit of annuities because they hear all the negativity surrounding them. The fees are too high. They are sold by shameless agents. The commissions are too high. They never perform as advertised.

These are all issues with Variable and Indexed annuities, NOT income annuities.

Income annuities could not be more simple. You put in X and you get back Y for Z number of years. It’s literally that easy to understand.

No other product can provide you the same level of guaranteed income for your investment dollars as an income annuity. Nothing even comes close. So, if income is something you are interested in, you need to consider an income annuity.

In this video I show you have a JOINT LIFE income annuity works and what you need to consider BEFORE you make the commitment to purchase one.

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