How to Use The Social Security Indexing Calculator

Before your quit your crappy, old job or even before you take that horrific commute one more day, you NEED to understand your Social Security benefit.

Which means you can not rely on some crazy Youtube guy (me!) or even your Social Security statement.

Do your diligence! How much will your benefit be? How did you arrive at that number?

Well, start here. This is the Social Security Indexing calculator, that you can use for your SPECIFIC year of eligibilty.

For me, born in 1970, my first year of eligibility is 2032, when I turn 62. The last year my benefit is indexed based on the average wage index amount will be in 2030.

However, I can figure out very quickly what my index numbers are just by putting in my age of eligibility and VOILA! there are MY specific index numbers and yours too if your first year of eligibility is also 2032.

Very important info here folks. Take advantage of the knowledge that SSA. gov provides you!

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