Life Lessons from the Music Industry

15 Years To Become an Overnight Success…

My daughter, Maddy and I went to the Fox Theater last night to see a couple bands she likes. You remember Maddy, right? Face plant survivor! 🙂 The Front Bottoms and Manchester Orchestra are the bands we saw.

I’d never head of either of these bands of course as I’m a the dad. And dads are old and washed up! Sad because I USED to be so cool ! 🙂

But what’s the backstory? I always like to understand how bands, or anyone really, gets to where they are today. Turns out both bands have been playing since the mid 2000s. They’re going on over 15 years of playing. Playing in backyards. Playing in basements. Playing at birthday parties for people who are not listening. Playing anywhere to anyone who’d allow them to set up. All the while working as a landscaper and in a grocery store.

How many times over those 15 years did they say “forget this! It’s not worth it!” Yet here they are, playing to t a packed house at the historical Fox Theater. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Manchester Orchestra has 27,100 Google searches a month. The Front Bottoms 6,600. Both are a lot of searches for relative obscure subjects.

So, what does this have to do with anything financial related? Well, a lot. What are YOU holding back? Have a book in your mind you want, no NEED, to get out there??? Start it NOW! Build up your fan base while you’re still gainfully employed. Want to put PV panels on your roof to generate passive income by reducing if not eliminating your electric bill? Start learning today! Whatever it is you’re wanting to do… start now!

Want to quit your crappy old job because your boss is the epitome of the Peter Principal? Well, start learning how to generate alternative income sources TODAY because it’s going to take a LOT OF TIME. But it can be done.

Need a kick in the pants? Get this book by Steven Pressfield: Pressfield makes that case that you have a moral obligation to get your creation, whatever it is, out there for the public to consume. It’s not up to you to sit on your gift. By hiding the gift you have been given you are literally robbing the world of your creative talents.

Now, what your creative talents are is anyone’s guess. Maybe you’re made to play fiddle for a bluegrass band to bridge generations of music lovers. Maybe you have experience raising a dyslexic child and can share your expertise with new mom’s who are facing the same problems you already lived through.
Maybe you’re a backyard tinkerer and have developed a wood gas prototype that people use to run generators off firewood.

I don’t know what you have in that God-given brain of yours. But sitting on it, while you’re commuting to your crappy old job, griping all-the-while listening to sports radio is not advancing your position.

Yes, it’s going to take work. It’s going to take effort. You’ll probably fail! Oh No! We can’t take failing, after all, here in the US for the last 3 decades, no one has failed at anything. EVERYONE’s a winner!

But that’s the risk you take, for the massive reward that awaits. The reward of a job well done, the satisfaction of at least frickin’ trying, even if the result was not what you envisioned.

Tell me though ,that reward, in of itself, won’t be worth it? It will be. And magically once you start, and the dopamine kicks in, the happier you’ll be and the more you’ll produce, which could lead to wonderful things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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