Podcast Episode 11 – Copywriting That Works with Justin Blackman

Headlines drive traffic. Don’t believe me? How many articles have you “liked” online without actually reading the article. We’ve all done that.

In fact, there is a rule of thumb that 5 times as many people read the headline as the actual copy.

So headline writing is critical.

In this episode I interviewed a headline maestro, Justin Blackman from www.prettyflycopy.com. Justin is an expert in putting words together to make your business stand out.

Unfortunately, the audio wasn’t great. DAMN YOU CELL PHONES! Audio is critical in podcasting and video so I decided not to use it. Sorry about that, Justin.

Instead I give somewhat of a transcript from what we discussed.

Justin talks about the need to identify who you are trying to appeal to.  He also discussed your uniqueness as a value proposition.

For instance, look at this guy…  www.avrahambyers.com

If you were making decent money but wondering where it went every month and need help getting on budget, would you not consider hiring him?  I mean look at that guy!  He looks fun yet trustworthy. But he also looks like he can help us with the situation we’re dealing with.

Now, if I were a wealthy, trust fund owner needing stock picks, Avraham is not my guy.  Avraham even says that. So, I’m not going to waste his, or my, time figuring out if we’re a good fit.

But don’t forget, Avraham isn’t going to provide me any information I can’t find on my own by simply using Google.  And interestingly enough he doesn’t say he’s going to do that.  He says he knows what you’re going through, he’s been there and he can help.

You may or may not feel you need that help.  If you don’t, you won’t hire him. But if you do…you’re going to hire him for his knowledge, yes, but most importantly for who he is and what he can do for you.  That’s his value proposition.

What’s yours?  Hell, what’s mine?  I need to better answer that so prospects and clients  know that. In fact, Justin shared with me some amazing news.  He said he watched some of my videos, listened to some of my podcasts and read my blogs. And he didn’t understand much of what I was saying!

I was floored by this. I’ve prided myself on making complex financial concepts understandable for average Joe’s and Jane’s. Yet here is Justin saying essentially I’m talking over his head.  Not good. Not good at all.

His wife, who is in my business, probably does understand.  But she is not who I am trying to appeal to. Thus if I am truly trying to appeal to people like Justin I need to change my language.  Or maybe that is not my true target market.  I will have to give this some thought.

Can you not see how important your words are, though?  The right words, or wording, can make or break you.  Don’t overlook this.

If you need help, man, hire a professional like Justin.  This is the stuff he does.  He doesn’t know his W-2 as he said to me.  He just gives that to his wife. But when it comes to drafting an email, what do you think his wife does?  Turns that over to Justin.  He knows words.

Even though I am not using the audio of my talk with Justin, I think you’ll find this episode very valuable.  Visit Justin’s website at prettyflycopy.com

He provides a ton of valuable resources.

You can also read this article Justin wrote for CopyHackers.com.  This is how I found him.  Just a great article. https://copyhackers.com/2018/03/writing-headlines/




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