Podcast Episode #116 – Fear! What Are You Afraid Of?

File this under a Josh Rants episode please. Thus, if you’re looking for financial planning specific info, this video is probs not for you.

Because in this video I want to take a moment or 30, to talk about fear. And ponder why it is so prevalent in our modern culture.

A culture where we have abundance like the world has never seen. Where we have so much food we refuse it when presented to us. Where we can literally go a whole day, a week even, and never know what the weather is outside. Where the biggest worry we may have is if a cop saw us roll through a stop sign and pulls us over.

And yet, with ALL THIS, we seemingly live in more fear today than ever before.

We fear Muslim terrorists. We fear there are Nazi’s under every bed. We fear a child predator will snatch our kid. We fear a criminal band is going to do a home invasion. We fear apocalyptic climate change. We fear a market meltdown and hyperinflation. We fear running out of money in retirement.
We fear everything it seems.

But why? What is the evidence behind all this fear?

If you’re a Christian, you really have no excuse being consumed by fear. After all, either Jesus rose from the dead or He didn’t. If He did, and ALL Christians attest to this, then what the heck are you (we) so afraid of?

THink about it. Jesus predicts His own demise, AND His rebirth, and then makes it happen? Yeah, that’s pretty much the team I want to be on, because His team has a better record even than the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Nationals.

Jesus beat death. And noone else, ever, has been able to do that.
Think about it from Lazurus’ perspective. He was dead, and was called back to life, after being dead. Do you think he was scared of anything ever again?

Read the play “Lazarus Laughed”, the link is below. It’s simply brilliant.


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