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Some questions received so far:

I’ve been working at Taco Bell since July 11th, i am currently 16 saving for my first car. I have about 4,700$ saved up, should i file for tax returns?

*** To avoid family or friends disputes over money, do you have any suggestions as who could be an executor of our trust?

*** We noticed that over 50% of our networth is in Real Estate. Is this normal or should we try to diversify more?


Not sure if this is too personal but I would love to know what funds Josh Scandlen is personally invested in!

*** If you had to do it all again, starting in 2019 as a first time investor. What funds do you as a young(er) Josh Scandlen to have in his Roth IRA?

*** as a young person just getting started on life were do you save or invest first because as a older person trying to play catch up I have accounts here there an every where trying to cover all the angels ?

*** My question is am I paying too many fees for all these managers. How do I figure out what my real cost is?

*** – Is there a benefit cap on how much one can receive from SS?

*** have a family history of heart disease and my current health leads me to believe i will NOT live past 80 and might not make it past 70.. Should i take SS at 62 or not?

*** I was born in 1969, and my now husband was born in 1952. He started collecting social security this year at 66 – his full retirement age (about $2000/month). And we just got married last week. (don’t know if the timing of getting married after he started collecting SS qualifies me to future survivor’s benefits or not)

I have an inheritance from my mom, and I was wondering if it would make sense for my husband to pay back the social security he’s already taken (I’d pay it), and pay him the $2K/month myself until he was 70. So that would cost $96,000 which I do have.

*** My husband plans to work until age 70 to maximize his benefits, but If he dies before he reaches 70, will my social security income increase? Will it only increase to what he would have gotten at age 66 or at the age of time of death? I have been researching this point everywhere and I can’t find the answer.

*** Why do most financial advisors seem to think that it is better to transfer your retirement funds from a FERS Roth to a private Roth? The operating costs of the FERS plans are the cheapest around.

*** From a financial standpoint, when would be the best time to retire?

*** If you can withdraw contributions you made to your Roth IRA anytime, tax- and penalty-free at age 71, does that include a rollover contribution from a tax deferred pension-teacher retirement plan? If not, how does that work?

*** What factors should one consider when deciding between a Roth and Pre-Tax 401K?

*** What are some things a person at or near retirement should know to be prepared?

*** My company offers a 401k starting next month but doesn’t match anything. Is it worth it, or should I just save on my own?

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