Podcast Episode 16 – How To Increase Your Social Security Benefit By More Than $2,000 A Month

Increasing your Social Security benefit is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure you are squared away in retirement.

Not only does Social Security grow each year with inflation, guaranteed, but because it’s taxed more favorably than other accounts, having more Social Security will reduce your taxes too.

Plus, if you strategically plan your Social Security benefits you will also leave your surviving spouse in a much better place financially.

So, given all these benefits, why, oh why, do MOST people take it at 62?

For some, it’s because they have no choice. They need the cash.

For others though, well, I believe it’s ignorance.
Hopefully, this podcast will shine some light on ways you can increase your benefit, reduce your taxes AND leave your surviving spouse much better off.

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