Podcast Episode 20 – Rob Klein discusses Medicare with me

Medicare is a HUGE financial planning topic. But look around at the CFPs that are out there. How many are writing or even discussing Medicare? The answer is very few, which is quite unfortunate.

So, today it is my pleasure to bring on a true professional in all things health care, longevity planning and Medicare, Rob Klein.

Rob’s been focusing on Medicare and longevity planning for over 10 years. He’s just a wealth of information that you NEED to hear.

There is simply no escape from the rules of Medicare, like it or not. You need to understand how you will be affected now, and certainly when you retire.

Don’t get caught off guard with higher fees, premiums, taxes etc.

Rob shares with us some strategies on how to deal with the alphabet soup that is Medicare. Ignorance is not bliss. Empower yourself with the education that Rob provides on this podcast.

Rob can be contacted here: 888-383-2724

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