Podcast Episode 35 – Being Financially Independent With Alternative Energy: Interview With Shawn Mills

Financial planning is SO much more than just simply how much money one has to invest.
A true financial planner needs to understand a clients cash flow. In fact, I argue, cash flow is the single most important thing in financial planning. (After health, that is. Which is why you should listen to Episode 33 on how to get stronger and why it’s so important. )

The easiest way to increase cash flow is to reduce expenses. I talk a lot about switching out incandescent light bulbs for LED ones and other easy “fixes” for decreasing electricity usage.

In this episode we go MUCH deeper and talk about how alternative energy can play a significant role in reducing your cash outflow by getting your home more efficient and creating your own electricity.

Shawn Mills lives with his wife and 2 daughters in an off-grid home in Tennessee. They use a variety of techniques to power their house. Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wood, Propane, Rain Catchment systems. And he lives on a nice plot of land where he can grow a lot of his own food.

His mortgage will be paid off soon. With no mortgage, no utility bill, much lower food bill, Shawn and his family will be more financially-independent than almost anyone I know.

Ironically, you don’t need to be a multimillionaire to reach this goal either. Shawn talks about this and how his consulting firm HackMySolar can help the layperson.

So, give this a listen. I think you’ll get lot out of it.


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