Podcast Episode 37 – Should You HATE Annuities?

Annuities get a bad wrap from many. Annuities are the best thing since sliced bread for others.

With all this variation of opinions regarding annuities what should YOU think? Should you hate ’em? Should you love ’em?

In this episode, I explain how annuities can not be either good nor bad. They are inanimate. They have no virtue or evil inherent in them.

Can they be used for good? Yup. Can they be used for bad? Yup.

But it’s important for YOU to understand them or at least seek a second opinion before you invest your hard-earned money into one.

I am not licensed anymore to sell any insurance, including annuities. I dropped my licenses when I started my own firm. So, do not worry you’ll ever get an annuity sales pitch from me.

However, you shouldn’t worry either that I will not tell you the benefits of annuities either. Just because I am not licensed to sell them anymore does not mean I would never suggest one to an appropriate investor.

I AM a Fiduciary after all.

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