Proof Socialism Destroys Wealth, From a Socialist

I have read, on occasion, the writings of TheNewNeo.  I’ve no idea who this person actually is but her stuff is always thought-provoking, first rate material.

She posted today a most wonderful segment, A sample of Utopian leftist thought today: Part II, Richard D. Wolff and the ice cream cones which absolutely tells us all we need to know about Socialism and why you need to get over the appeal to authority of the credentialed set.

The author of the piece about redistribution is about as well-credentialed as one could be:

BA in History from Harvard College (1963);
MA in Economics from Stanford University (1964);
MA in History from Yale University (1967); and a
PhD in Economics from Yale University (1969)

And he taught at UMass for 35 years.

Yet, he comes up with this story to tell us how to break capitalism and advance redistribution of wealth.

Redistribution tears societies apart, it’s— here’s the parallel: you’re going into the park on a Sunday afternoon, you’re a married couple, you have two children. One is six and one is seven, and you stop because there’s [a] man selling ice cream cones. And you give one of your children an ice cream cone, it’s got four scoops. And the other one, an ice cream cone with one scoop. And you continue walking. Those children are going to murder each other. They’re gonna struggle. What are you doing? And don’t then come up — ‘okay, you’ve had — you’ve eaten this part of your scoop, so give the other part of your scoop to your sister, or your brother,’ — stop. The resentment of the one who hose [???] his ice cream or her ice cream — you see where I’m going? Every parent that isn’t a ghoul understands, give each child the same damn ice cream cone—two scoops each. You don’t need redistribution if you don’t distribute it unequally in the first place. Capitalism is congenitally incapable of distributing equally.

I was discussing this with my kids tonight and even they, all of 11, 12 and 15 understood how silly our good professor’s argument was.

“They had 5 scoops, now they only have 4. What happened to the 5th scoop?”

Exactly!  Socialism, i.e., redistribution, reduced the wealth.  I’m not even sure the good professor recognized this when he wrote his diatribe. But my kids saw it. Before Socialism the two kids had 5 scoops before. After Socialism they are left with 4.  Socialism thus destroyed 20% of their combined wealth. Not good.

Also, of course, my kids asked, “what if one of the kids already had a snack? Why should he get the same amount of ice cream?”


“What if one of the kids worked harder and was being rewarded with the 4 scoops? Why should he get the same amount?”

And it went on and on like this…with my middle school and high school sophomore kids.  Gives me hope. They get it!  The well-credentialed PhD professor, did not. Yet the professor is TEACHING our kids nonsense just like this.  Crazy, no?

Now, this guy might argue that it’s “not fair” that there is unequal ice cream “wealth”. Oh well.  The problem, if you want to even call it that, with a free society is some people will benefit more than others. Some will get more due to their higher skill set, maybe just plain hard work, sometimes luck or even passed down from generations.

How would the professor deal with that? Give up his OWN wealth and prestige to level the playing field? Of course not!  I guarantee he has yet to do that even today.  Oh, he will say when the time comes he will gladly be as equal as his neighbor. Well, why wait?

We know what will happen though when his Bolshevik revolution takes power; He will be the one in control who decides who gets what and how much.  It always works like that with Socialists.  The credentialed set are always the decision makers, are always the powerful and wealthy. Look at almost ALL socialist “utopias” and notice it’s the kids from wealthy families who assume power and live like kings.

What will happen to the rest of us? Well, we go along or we get put against the wall as history has shown time and again.  Yeah, no thanks!

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