Stop Worrying So Much About Health Care (Part 1)

More Americans are worried about health care costs in retirement than about running out of money. How does that make any sense?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb in one of his books talks about more people thinks it’s more likely that an earthquake in California will kill 3000 people than a natural disaster anywhere in the US will kill 3000.

The first is a subset of the second. The first can’t exist without the second existing too! So, if you’re worried about the first, you should be inherently more worried about the second.

Same thing here.

How can you be more worried about health care costs, which is a subset of retirement planning, than you are about running out of money?

Yet here we are. Why? Because we keep hearing how expensive health care is in retirement. We’re all going to die!!!

We need health insurance and we need it now!!!

We’ve been told for years taht we’re only one paycheck away from being homeless. That we could all go bankrupt in retirement. That we’ll all eat catfood alone in our last few years.

Look I’m no fool. I know what’s going on here. The media is leading the charge for a single payer system. They’ve been doing that since the late 80s when a Democrat Senator from CT won a surprising seat supposedly running on a health care platform.

And ever since, the media has taken it to heart that health care is THE way to advance socialism, if we just scare enough people..

But the problem is, it’s all a lie. Can you run out of money from health costs? Absolutely.

Can you run out of money from being sued? Yep.
Can you run out of money from a divorce? Yes sir.

Can you run out of money from a bad market? Uh huh. High cost of groceries? Indeed.

Property tax? You betcha!

The list goes on and on…and on.

But the next question would naturally be, “what’s the likelihood of this happening?

And the answer will surprise you. Not much.

So turn off the media. Enjoy the life you’ve been blessed with.

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