Podcast Episode 44 – Why You Need To Be Careful When Reading Investing Blogs

I read a lot of investing articles. Some are quite good. Meb Faber’s research over at Cambria Funds comes to mind. His podcast is fantastic as well.

But a lot of investment blogs are not very good. Some are just horrific and you wonder how their compliance managers let such tripe be published.

Others, though, at first glance, seem to be well thought out until you start to read deeper and realize the author is regurgitating many of the arguments from yesteryear, which have since be debunked.

However, some articles do have a few golden nuggets thrown in with a couple cringe-worthy statements. These are the articles the reader can take away good information IF and only if, he or she can differentiate the bad from the good.

I walk you through a couple articles just like this today that were sitting, for over a year, in my “stack of stuff.”

I have a large plastic crate of articles, books, magazines etc. Every time I walk by the tote, I get frustrated, knowing that there is a lot of great stuff in there I must find the time to read. When I finally get to digging through this library of sorts, I’m amazed at the treasure trove of information I find. And so I sit down and read. And read some more.

Now that I have a Youtube Channel, a Podcast and THIS blog, I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned.

This is one of those times. I hope you find it informative.


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