How Your Auto Insurance Could Destroy Your Retirement Plan

Auto insurance: Everyone has it. Well almost everyone. And that is the focus of this video.

What happens if you get hit by a guy who has no insurance? Are you covered? What happens if you get hit by a guy who has the minimum? Are you covered?

Can you pay the medical bills if YOUR coverage isn’t enough and the guy who hit you had no coverage or just say a $25k liability policy?

These are the questions my friend Skip Ritchie asked me about my own coverage. Skip is an attorney with over 20 years experience helping clients recover from unfortunate accidents that were not their fault.

He knows exactly what you need in your policy to make sure that if there is no one you can hold responsible that at least you won’t ruin your own retirement because of the cost of your expenses and the amount of time you’re out of work.

Say you’re driving down the highway one dark night and suddenly come across a large part of a tire in the middle of the road. You swerve to avoid it but you turned too hard and off the road you go, hitting a tree.

You have major injuries. It’s not your fault the tire tread was in the road to cause you to have your accident but who are you going to hold accountable. The truck from which that tire came off is long gone, unknown.

I hope you have enough coverage on your own policy to pay the bills.

What if you’re driving down the street and get rear-ended by a guy who has NO coverage and causes damage and injuries? Wll your policy cover this? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on what your coverage is.

You see there is a LOT to consider on your auto coverage. A whole lot more than just the price you pay and the 15 minutes can save you 15% or more. Shoot, ANYONE can save you money on insurance by giving you the least amount of coverage? But will that suffice?

Skip tells us what to consider.

You can go to Skip’s website at to download his brochure on what to look for in regards to auto insurance.

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