Episode 53 – Interview With Nicole Sauce, Coffee Maker, Health Care Expert & Business Consultant

Fantastic interview with a friend, and my own personal business consultant, Nicole Sauce.

Nicole runs a coffee roasting shop in Middle Tennessee called Holler Roast Coffee. Which you can find here.

But there is SO much more to Nicole than simply making an incredible cup o’ Joe.

Nicole was very active in the movement to provide options for people in their health care. In fact, she had a huge amount of success in that capacity. However, being on the road 3 weeks a month was going to drive her to an early grave.

So, she decided to move to middle Tennessee and live a more minimalist lifestyle, raising crops, selling coffee, but still conducting business consulting and website development.

Nicole actually was instrumental in helping me define my brand for my business and developing my website. What I like about Nicole is not only does she have experience but she’s  down to earth too.  She takes your goals and concerns and is able to help you define them, narrow them down and then create a business to work within that context.

As a budding entrepreneur you’re going to have a million things you want to accomplish. The problem is, you can’t do it all. You’ve got to focus.  Focus people, focus!  Nicole helps with that. I can’t stress how important that is and I can’t recommend her and her business Spark Communication enough.

Lastly, Nicole also does a podcast which focuses on her experiences on her homestead.  Just good stuff across the board.  Find Nicole on her blog here:

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