Continuing Care Retirement Community – Magnolia Trace, Alabama

St. George Village in Roswell, GA is the FIRST Life Plan/Continuing Care Retirement Community in Roswell. Not sure how big a deal that is, frankly, but that’s what the sign says!

Anyway, I broke out my brand new Go Pro Session and man oh man, is this thing awesome. I’m going to get the hood mount so next time you can see the scenery almost like Google street view. It’s going to be awesome.

I love the “live” looks, actually. So, hope this shows some of the scenery, moreso than just the sales brochure.

If there is a place you want me to shoot, let me know.

Anyway, take a look around as I drive though the community.

I will post another video on the pricing as well.

A couple links to the youtube channel I mentioned during the video.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities can be found in every area of the United States.

In this video we analyze the Magnolia Trace CCRC in Huntsville, Alabama.

There are five different options plus a one year “look in” of sorts where you can try the community out without putting down an entrance fee.

Magnolia Trace Pricing

I’ll share with you the current pricing for their Royale I and II. THis is a 1572 sq. foot 2 bedroom unit with a den. We’re also assuming a couple is moving in. The monthly fee is includes a lot of utilities with one chef prepared meal a day. (You need to see what else comes with the fee or is missing).

Life Care Premium: Entrance fee $315,000 – $340,000 monthly fee $4670

Asset Preservation: $250,000 – $275,000 / $5250

Income Preservation $ 365,000 – $400,000 / $4360

Life Care 50 (you get a 50% refund to your estate)
$440,000 – $475,000 / $5100

Now the one I like best is the Modified Life Care where if you have.


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