Podcast Episode 27 -Interview with Dustin Tibbitts of Jazz Wealth

Very excited to interview Dustin Tibbitts of Jazz Wealth in this episode.

I came across Dustin by doing a Youtube search of advisors discussing borrowing from one’s 401k. Dustin was the only one I could find who actually said it was ok to do this, which I happen to agree with.

This is why I love the work Dustin’s doing; Not because he agrees with me but because he’s an independent thinker.

Our industry, I’m afraid to say, is mired with a lack of independent thought. A lot of this can be attributed the heavy regulatory hand that supposedly is here to “protect” average investors. (Don’t get me started on that!)

But it’s more than just the regulatory environment that stifles thought. I think it also has to do with some advisors playing the “short game”. These advisors need to make a quick buck in order to stay in business. And it’s easier to follow the herd and just provide solutions that are popular at the time as opposed to playing the “long game” which means sometimes you have to take a contrarian path.

It takes guts to go against the grain. You have to be confident in what you’re doing which inherently means you MUST be an independent thinker in order to challenge conventional wisdom.
Dustin has those guts and isn’t afraid to show it. Just watch his YouTube Channel to see what I’m talking about.

Dustin also feels the industry has so much more to offer than just serving the affluent. Again, something I fervently agree with too.

So, Dustin started doing daily Youtube videos and his popularity has taken off. He has thousands of subscribers which means his message is reaching a, probably, previously untouched audience.

Dustin proves financial planning does not have to be stuffy, with Monopoly characters in top hats. It’s REAL! It has REAL IMPACT on people! If done right, it can literally change lives for the better. I imagine the reason for his online success is because people see his sincerity AND that he can relate to them.

When you watch his videos you don’t come away with a feeling that you don’t have enough money to work with him.  In fact, you come away with the opposite feeling; That you NEED to work with him BECAUSE you aren’t rich.  You may even think, “his advice may not make me rich but he will make me better off financially.”

Isn’t that what most people want in an advisor?  “Just make sure I’m better off by having hired you than if I didn’t”.

Dustin knows this. And he shares with us his story of how he came to start his firm, Jazz Wealth.

Follow him on Youtube here.
or his website here.

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