Investment Fees vs. Commissions

In this episode I take some of the questions I receive from and answer them

Question 1 – How should I decide whether a risky investment (large upside and downside) should be made in a Roth account or a taxable account?

Question 2 – If you are starting a new job, are there any reasons you would not rollover your old employer’s 401k to the new one?

Question 3 – How are financial planners usually paid?

Question 4 – Who is liable for the taxes of a deceased individual if the estate doesn’t have the funds?

Question 5 – What is a good age to raise the contribution percentage of a 401k?

Question 6 – Can you collect social security if you run an all cash business?

Question 7 – Is “Buy term and invest the rest” dead?

Question 8 – What’s the most underrated financial planning advice, which is highly effective?

Question 9 – Why do banks give you so much less return than you get with index funds?

Question 10 – What was your top learning from 2008 -2009?

And a few more.

Are fees the panacea for investment management clients? Are commissions EVILLLL???

In this episode I show you how fees may not be the best bet for you when you’re looking to hire an investment advisor.

We compare the American Funds Income Fund of America A shares with two indexes, the SP 500 and the Russell 2000.

The American Funds will have a 3.50% front end commission with an annual expense of around .50% or so.

The two indexes have neither.

This is before tax too, by the way.

Unfortunately, I got cut off at the end of this episode so definitely watch part 2.

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