Episode #123 – Kim Wack Explains How to Manufacture Your Own Product

Kim Wack from Project Rip Cord YouTube channel and Chapped Ass Cycling shares with us her experience on bringing a product to market from the infancy in her brain through production to actual inventory.

Kim’s business is biking focused. She sells her own produced chamois cream that bicyclists need to stay comfortable when they’re sitting on the seat for an enormous amount of time.

Interestingly enough, at least to me, when you type in a search for her main competitor, Kim’s product DOES come up. That’s a huge win for her. Especially given the term is searched many, many times a month.

The question though, for Kim and any budding entrepreneurs, is can she make hay while still working in her full time gig?

Now, Kim does have a couple other side hustles, so to speak. So, I imagine she’s going to be just fine. But you should definitely subscribe to her Youtube channel to follow her progress.

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