Podcast Episode 40 – Interview with Liz Hand, and the Need to Listen

It was my privilege to interview Liz Hand, CFP on today’s episode.

Liz has a wonderful story to share about her background and how it lead her to be such a wonderful financial advisor(my words not hers).

Yeah, she’s young. Yeah, she’s a nice person. And I imagine she cracks jokes and even laughs quite a bit as well.

But don’t let that exterior fool you. She brings a ton of financial planning skills to the table for the benefit of her clients.

But financial planning knowledge alone isn’t enough, it’s her ability to LISTEN and ask questions that connects with her clients.

Financial planning is SO much more than a spreadsheet, an investment statement or Heaven forbid, the returns you received last quarter.

True financial planning is going with your recently widowed client to the Social Security office so both you and your client have a full grasp of the options, and thus can be make a most informed choice. One that will last for the rest of your client’s life. Liz did that.

That’s what real financial planners can do. Help you with the stuff that is most important. And be there when you need them the most.

This is why I wanted Liz on the podcast because I think she represents what financial planning can be. And I hope she may encourage others to follow her lead.

You can find Liz on her Youtube channel here.

And her firm’s website here.

If you are in Ohio, you’d be wise to reach out to Liz to discuss your situation. .

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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