Review of USAA’s Online Portfolio Recommendation Tool (2018)

USAA provides portfolio recommendations just using their online tools.

I’m going to go over the various scenarios of the USAA Portfolio Planner, which is their recommendations of USAA mutual funds that clients can incorporate themselves.

I’m also going to review their “managed account” portfolio recommendations.

And finally, we’ll see what the recommendations are in using their Digital Investment Advisor (i.e. “robo-advisor”) service.

In the course of transparency, my family is 4 generations of USAA membership and I was an employee with USAA for nearly 10 years ending early 2017. So, to say the least I could be perceived as biased towards USAA.

However, I believe their tools leave a lot to be desired.

The Digital Tool seemed to be the best product they offer actually in terms of fee and diversification. (However, the fees on any of these services were not conspicuous. So bear that in mind, you’d need to d a bit more hunting to find the specifics there.)

So, give this video a watch and let me know what you think.

Here is USAA’s website. Pretty simple actually…


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