Episode #63 – Medicare Planning Discussion With Jae Oh

This is a podcast you NEED to listen to… Why? Because everyone, and I literally mean EVERYONE, will come into contact with Medicare at some point. And the more you know about Medicare, the better off you’ll be.

Did you know that by only having Medicare Part A and B, you still have unlimited financial liability? There is no maximum out of pocket for you.

Medicare Advantage and Medigap

So, you need to get either a Medicare Advantage or a Medigap policy to go along with your Parts A and B.

Maximize Your Medicare

What are these and what do they cover you ask? Great question. I have the same questions which is why I brought on Jae. Jae is the author of the book, “Maximize Your Medicare” and can be found at his website www.maximizeyourmedicare.com.

Highly recommend you sign up for his free newsletter there too. It comes out every Saturday.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Did you know that most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage? I didn’t.

However ALL Medicare Advantage plans must include an out-of-pocket maximum limit.  That’s a big deal.

Switch from Medigap to Medicare Advantage? No problem. The other way though? Maybe not.

Listen and learn my friends. Very valuable information here.

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