Episode #63 – Medicare Planning Discussion With Jae Oh

Medicare, Medicare Part C and Medicare Supplements

Wow!!! Just wow… I received the email below from a nurse friend/client regarding her knowledge of Medicare, Medicare Part C and Medicare Supplements.  She sent a second email too, which I’ll send under different cover because it’s so informative it also needs your undivided attention.  (She did give me permission to share the email too – just FYI).

Any personal info has been changed of course.  Words that have been put into bold are from me, not her, just to add emphasis.

Medicare Advantage Caution

“I just read your email about Medicare.  Just to throw my two cents into the mix, I would urge caution in going with a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan.  As a provider several years ago we saw many problems with people insured this way and a broad variety of coverage.  Two specifics that I remember were plans that limited access to a small number of providers.  That may be less of an issue in an urban area but around here(a small town) it could mean driving to a bigger city to have care fully covered.  The other issue involved moving from one state to another.  Sometimes there was quite a delay while the person figured how how there coverage worked across state lines. Sometimes they were charged out of network costs for moving.

Better Communication = Better Care 

And, in my opinion, in the field of medicine there can be a huge difference in competence amongst providers.  Insurance companies look only at licence but some doctors are better diagnosers, or have better communication skills all of which equals better care. 

Traditional Medicare

If you are limited in the pool you can choose from that can be a problem.  I used to say, you can buy generic potato chips but if  you are buying a service (doctor, lawyer, carpenter) cost is not the prevailing factor to consider. Traditional Medicare is widely accepted and consistent from state to state.  True, it is not always understandable – but few health care plans are in all honesty.

I’m interested to hear what else you share about Medicare.  Maybe I should figure out how to get to those podcasts.”

Funny thing about this email, at least to me as a professional financial planner, is her comment that ‘better communication equals better care.”  Now, I don’t know how they do it in doctor school, or lawyer school etc.  but in financial planning school they do not teach communication skills at all.  It’s stupid, actually. The world is littered with the failed careers of brilliant financial advisors who never learned how to relate to people.

Stay tuned for the follow up email to this as well.  I simply can not express my thanks for the lady who wrote this email to me(You know who you are!)  Just wonderful information to share.




Anyone who wants to know how to get the podcast just go here.  You can listen directly from your browser even!

This is a podcast you NEED to listen to… Why? Because everyone, and I literally mean EVERYONE, will come into contact with Medicare at some point. And the more you know about Medicare, the better off you’ll be.

Did you know that by only having Medicare Part A and B, you still have unlimited financial liability? There is no maximum out of pocket for you.

Medicare Advantage and Medigap

So, you need to get either a Medicare Advantage or a Medigap policy to go along with your Parts A and B.

Maximize Your Medicare

What are these and what do they cover you ask? Great question. I have the same questions which is why I brought on Jae. Jae is the author of the book, “Maximize Your Medicare” and can be found at his website www.maximizeyourmedicare.com.

Highly recommend you sign up for his free newsletter there too. It comes out every Saturday.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Did you know that most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage? I didn’t.

However ALL Medicare Advantage plans must include an out-of-pocket maximum limit.  That’s a big deal.

Switch from Medigap to Medicare Advantage? No problem. The other way though? Maybe not.

Listen and learn my friends. Very valuable information here.

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