Review of TRowe Price’s Portfolio Recommendation Tools

TRowe Price will get a look at in the second in our series on analyzing investment firms online portfolio recommendation tools.

TRowe Price offers 4 different models. We’ll just look at 2 in this review. The Self-directed recommendation and then their “advicepro”.

The remaining two platforms, which I do not review, have higher investment minimums. So, in order to compare apples to apples of various investment firms tools, I am just using platforms that allows a portfolio of $50,000. Now you can always put more in there if you want.

Overall, I like the TRowe Price in terms of overall diversification. Very well diversified.

The fee structure is a bit more of a challenge because while you just pay whatever the internal fees of the mutual funds are, you don’t actually know what those fees are unless you do some digging.

It’s easy to find the fund fees but unless you actively search for the fees, you will have no clue what you’re paying. You won’t get invoiced. You won’t have a debit on your account. You’ll get no year end statement of fees.

That can be a problem.

But the TRowe Price model is certainly better than other models that charge you a management fee PLUS the mutual fund fees too!

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