Podcast #47 – How To Analyze Your Mutual Fund Fees (This Is Revolutionary!)

Oh man oh man, this is fantastic!

Listening to the Meb Faber Podcast while mowing my lawn this afternoon and he mentioned this website called FeeX.com.

FeeX is a site you can go and for FREE type in your fund holdings, even link your account if you’re so inclined. Their algorithm will then analyze your funds PLUS a list of comparable funds that are a whole lot cheaper. It’s crazy! And it’s awesome!

For instance, I typed in USMIX, which is USAA’s Extended Market Index. Out came a bunch of other funds, exactly like it, but cost significantly less.

Here is an Example

Then FeeX calculated what the other funds would save me over time in total fees. Folks, we are not talking about pennies here. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars.

Fees matter, my friends. And if you own high fee funds you’ve got to understand the headwind you’re dealing with when it comes to performance. The more fees, the less your fund will be able to compete.  Just no other way around it.

Of course, this does not mean higher cost funds CAN’T outperform lower cost funds. It’s just going to be hard to do it.

Think about it like this.  Let’s say we each expect the market to return 10%.  My fund costs 2% your fund costs .50%.  Because my fund costs 4x your fund, I have to return 1.50% more than you, year after year, just to equal you.

How can I do that without taking on much more risk? I can’t.  So, the higher cost funds will underperform or take on more risk to outperform.  And just cause one takes on more risk doesn’t necessarily mean out performance either.

So, give FeeX a try here.

And, if you are interested in investment-related podcasts, you’ll have a tough time beating Meb Fabers podcast which can be found here.

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