Nursing Homes Are Closing – How Could This Affect Your Retirement?

Nursing homes should be growing an an incredible rate, no? Think about it, the number of people eligible to file for Medicare is growing by 65,000 A DAY in the US. Shouldn’t the number of nursing homes follow?

Turns out the answer is…duh…duh…dahhhh… NO!

In fact the number o beds available in the US has dropped nearly 10% since 2000! I find that incredible. Over the past 15-20 the numbers of elderly people have increased dramatically yet the number of beds available have declined.

That simply doesn’t make any sense.

Yet, it does. I mean, would YOU rather age in a nursing home around people you don’t know or in a local assisted living facility or even better your home?

I imagine nearly everyone would rather stay local and in their own home if possible. Even better, is when you do remain local , in an assisted facility or at home, it costs less. MUCH LESS than it does to go to a nursing home.

So, it’s a win/win.

What this means is you may need to revisit your planning. Are you planning for the expectation that you’ll need a million billion dollars to live in a nursing home? If so, why?

The stats simply aren’t there to validate such a concern.

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