Social Security Benefits: AIME, PIA, FRA, DEC,….HUH? (2018) – VIDEO

Nationwide Retirement Institute released this incredibly important study about the ignorance of Americans regarding Social Security.

Most older adults think they are eligible for Social Security benefits sooner than they actually are, including 57 percent of future retirees.

Future retirees also expect to receive $1,628 on average as a monthly payment from Social Security. However, that’s almost 30 percent more than what current retirees say they collect ($1,257).

Concerningly, nearly nine in 10 (88 percent) older adults don’t know what factors determine the maximum Social Security benefit an individual can receive.

YIKES!  9 in 10 older adults don’t know what factors determine how to maximize Social Security??? That’s not good. I can only imagine the numbers would be nearly 95% or more if we factored in younger adults too.

So, in this episode, I share with you the THREE most critical factors you need to understand about Social Security:

  1. AIME – Averaged Indexed Monthly Earnings
  2. PIA – Primary Insurance Amount
  3. FRA – Full Retirement Age

Once you have these factors tattooed on your brain,  you then can start developing a plan of action in how to maximize your benefit.

But it makes no sense to do anything until you have a clear understanding of those three factors. EVERYTHING is contingent on those.

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Your Social Security benefit is based on your Primary Insurance Amount (PIA).
Your PIA is based on your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME).
However you can reduce or increase your PIA by retiring before or after your FRA (Full Retirement Age).

Having fun yet?

And it gets better. The longer you wait to apply for benefits after your FRA the more Delayed Earnings Credits (DEC) you will get.

So, to wrap it up in simplest terms, if you wait beyond your FRA, you’ll receive DEC’s that will increase your benefit above your PIA, which was derived from your AIME! Whew!

Clear as mud, right?

Okay, but while this is funny, in a silly way, these acronyms are no joke.

They literally will affect you for the rest of your life and potentially even your surviving spouse’s life as well.

So having an understanding of these terms and how they affect you is critically important.

Your PIA is simply the amount of Social Security benefit you will receive when you file for benefits at your Full Retirement Age.

Let’s say you were born before 1955. Your FRA is 66 years old.

If you file for benefits at 66 you will receive 100% of your PIA. If you file for benefits before 66, you will receive a reduced benefit, reduced as much as 25% if you file at the earliest age of 62.

If you file for benefits at age 70, you will receive 32% more benefits due to the Delayed Earnings Credits.

To make it simple. If your PIA amount is $1000 a month, you will get $1000 at 66, $750 if you file at 62 and $1320 if you file at 70.

In other videos we will discuss strategies to maximize your benefits. But in this video the goal was just to give you an understanding of how Social Security benefits work and the acronyms that are involved.…

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