Podcast Episode 41 – Proof The SWAMP Lives!

In this episode I talk about an article from TheHill.com which mentions, almost in passing, that the previous head of the Beverage Association is now going to head the Life Insurance lobbying group.

The next head of the group is certainly going to be the current CEO of Philip Morris.

So you might ask “How does one become head of a lobbying group and make $2.3mill a year? Do you need to be an expert in life insurance?”

Good question. Quick answer to the second question. NO! Just look who her predecessor was. One, Dick Kempthorne, a Senator, Governor and Secretary of the Interior under Bush. Life insurance expertise he had not.

But LOBBYING expertise he carried with great abundance.

Now, how did the new head of the insurance lobby get the gig? You got it! Politics. She was in the Bush administration as well before she went on to hawk the sugary drinks that are killing people.

Only in The Swamp does this make sense.

Song of the day – “Hersham Boys” by Sham 69

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