What Happened To Malcolm Gladwell?

Man, I LOVED the Revisionist History Podcast for the first two seasons.

This season is cringe-worthy though. I have a sneaky suspicion that Gladwell has been taking incoming from his NYC peeps for his rather non-political first two seasons.

Gladwell took on the education elite AND even the government/food industry. I’m sure he ruffled many feathers. And so, fast forward to season 3, and we get just tripe diatribes. It’s embarrassing actually.

The last straw for me is Gladwell’s attempt at rehabilitation of Brian Williams. Brian Williams is a liar. He’s lied on multiple cases. All to enhance his street cred.

Yet Gladwell only focuses on one of Williams’ incidents. Why? If Williams is truly innocent of lying about his military exploits (which did not happen by the way), how does GLadwell account for the other areas of Williams’ fabrications? I just don’t get it.

I am sure Williams and Gladwell brush elbows on many occasions. I’m sure Gladwell has probably been charmed by ole Brian and feels he’s been unfairly shamed.

Yet, Williams is STILL in the news. He is still raking in the dough. He is STILL working for NBC for Heaven’s sake. He is not a pauper by any stretch of the imagination. But he is a confirmed liar, on multiple occasions.

Why Gladwell is okay with this is beyond me.

Here’s one for you Malcolm. Why don’t you interview the 100s of women who’ve falsely accused men of rape, and those men actually were imprisoned for those accusations. And then make an excuse for why they made up those lies. Would you then say, as you do to Williams, that it’s just one’s brain dealing with trauma?

I certainly hope not.

And with that I sign off from Gladwell’s podcast as an example of opportunity cost. Basic economics. I spend 45 minutes listening to tripe. That is 45 minutes I can NOT listen to something meaningful.

It’s too bad.

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