Podcast Episode # 48 – I Answer Your Financial Questions

Question 1: For someone making over the Roth IRA salary limit, can they still rollover Roth 401(k)’s from previous employers into a Roth IRA? Are there any pros and cons to doing so (e.g., lower expense ratio)?

Question 2: Would it be smart to roll my Roth IRA into a REIT?

Question 3: What is the combined total assets of all retirement plans, and does it make Social Security irrelevant for most?

Question 4: Is there ever a reason to transfer an old 401K to a new 401K instead of a rollover IRA?

Question 5: How good is a 529 for college savings versus full-funding a Roth IRA or paying down my house?

Question 6: How effective are financial advisors for the average person?

Question 7: Is the retirement plan offered by your employer adequate to make you feel good about your future finances?

Question 8: How much do I need to retire at 40?

Question 9: How early do you have to buy a mutual fund to get the capital gains?

Question 10: What should I know about appreciation, inflation, capital gains, and taxation?

Question 11: Is it wise to have multiple retirement plans?

Question 12: Can an LLC advertise “100 percent of profits to charity” and have salaried employees? Can the LLC accept “gifts” (donations) as long as they report gifted funds as income and don’t give tax deductions?

Question 13: How do retired people spend their time?

Question 14: As reported by WSJ, are US government programs such as Medicare and Social Security going bust and insolvent as they recently are tapping into reserves?

Question 15: Do you think Social Security will be around in 10 years and if so how do you think it will change?

Song of the day: No For An Answer “You Laugh”

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