Episode 51 – Interview with Skip Ritchie: Why Zimbabwe May Be Your Best Investment

In this episode I interview a long time family friend, Skip Ritchie.
Skip’s been a world traveler, going to varying countries to spread the Good News while assisting to the needs of the poor. A true man of Christ indeed.

Over the past few years, Skip has been going to Zimbabwe which has interested me greatly. I’ve been a long time follower of the happenings in Zimbabwe, with the celebration of ending the colonial, apartheid rule, to the devastation caused by Mugabe and now to a new hope as Mugabe has left the scene.

It’s important to understand that Zimbabwe/Rhodesia was considered the “breadbasket” of ALL Africa in the middle part of this century.

Wonderful people. Lots of resources. The British technical know how. Yet, Mugabe ruined all that with his tyrannical reign. Heartbreaking is not a strong enough word.

But life goes on. And Zimbabwe may be on the threshold of something huge..with a bit of help from abroad, government reform and some good luck.

The people of Zimbabwe, as Skip tells us, are hardworking, wonderful people who speak English and were educated in a Western-style system, that which was left over by the colonial regime.

There is no reason these folks can not become successful in their own right. Unfortunately, as is typical in these third world nations, the brain drain is a huge problem. The best and the brightest leave the country to pursue their passions on other shores.

But Zimbabwe is ripe for investment into the people there. It just needs a boost of small financial commitments and technical know-how from abroad. Once the infrastructure is in place, man, oh man, it’s going to be wonderful to behold. And YOU can be part of it!

You can learn more about Skip and his organization Orphan Adoption, Reconciliation & Restoration Services here.  If you could find it in your heart to contribute it would be wonderful.

Skip tells the story of a grandmom whose daughter left her baby at an orphanage and fled to South Africa.  All’s it took was $20 of gas money to find the Grandmom who readily adopted the grandbaby.  But if you’re only making $80 a month, who’s going to risk driving into the bush to see if you could locate and identify the grandmom?

Skip was able to do that. And now there is one less orphan in the world.  That my friends is the grunt work that makes the world a much better place.

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