Podcast Episode 7 – Take The Retirement Readiness Quiz

Take the Retirement Readiness Quiz here: heritagewealthplanning.com/retirement-readiness-quiz/

The 3 questions you need to answer BEFORE you hang up your work boots:

1. How much income will you need in retirement?
2. How much is your Primary Insurance Amount?
3. Subtract 2 from 1 and divide by .04. Is your liquid net worth larger than that number?

If so, you’re probably going to be in good shape.

If not, you have some work to do. But no worries, you’ve taken a HUGE step towards preparing for a successful retirement.

Maybe there is some fat you can cut from your income needs. Maybe you can increase your Social Security benefit. Maybe you can work an extra year or two to get your liquid net worth up to where you need it to be.

Lots of things you can do to prepare.

Remember, this is just a STARTING POINT. Nothing is chiseled in stone.
But the journey of a million miles starts with the first step. So, use this quiz to begin your journey.

And share it with others!



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