Podcast Episode 33 – Over 50? Why You MUST Do Strength Training

I am a financial planner. Thus, a lot of my focus is on clients’ FINANCIAL well-being. Unfortunately, though, what I see with many clients is they over look their PHYSICAL well-being while paying so much attention to their finances.

This is not good.

You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not in a physical state to enjoy i,t well, it is all for naught. You need to stay in shape. The best way to do that is with strength training.

In this episode I introduce Dr. Jonathon Sullivan who is co-author of the book The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40.

Dr. Sullivan, or Sully, is a PhD and MD, as well as a Starting Strength Coach. I am not going to post his full bio here but you should definitely read it. Let’s just say he knows what the heck he is talking about. And he was a US Marine too.

What he talks about is the need for “Masters”, what he calls people over the age of 50, to build their strength with barbell training.

Unfortunately, many people look at barbell training as if it is only what body builders do. So they avoid it, to rather use circuit machines and such, if they do anything at all.

But barbell training is simply the best method to get fit because it combines cardio WITH an increasing muscle mass. And you need both. In fact, Sully argues you need increasing muscle mass FIRST and cardio second which is the opposite we’ve been told for years.

Increasing muscle mass, or at a minimum stopping your muscle mass deterioration, helps in so many ways that simply engaging in cardio or specific muscle targeting just can not do.

You need MORE muscle mass as you get older. Yet, with aging, your body will lose it. Sitting on the couch watching football will not bring it back. Walking around the block a couple of times will not bring it back either. Barbell training will.

If you take 10 people and get Sully to train them, ALL 10 people will get stronger and thus improve their physical well-being. Sully calls it ‘making a deposit into their physical 401k” and I can’t think of a better term, especially for my line of work.

There is no other medicine, exercise routine, training regimen, or anything, that has that same probability for success. Nothing.

Even in financial planning, if I had 10 people come to me and I said ALL 10 should follow this one model, I guarantee you that model would not be appropriate for some of those 10. In fact, I’d be sued for not “knowing your customer” and giving inappropriate advice.

But with strength training, it’s literally that assured. You work out with barbells, you will get stronger. With very, very limited downside risk, if any at all.

Now, because I apparently don’t know how to use my own stinking technology I was not able to record the interview, which truly ticks me off. But all is not lost.

I just ordered Sully’s book and will read it cover to cover. Then I asked him to come back on the podcast for a follow up interview, this time more specifically about the book and his recommended strategies. I think you’ll like that episode too.

In the meantime, check out Sully’s Youtube page here.  And his website here.

Remember, my friends, ALL the financial planning in the world won’t matter if you’re not in a physical capacity to enjoy your efforts when you retire. Take the first step in getting stronger by buying Sully’s book. Today!


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